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Submitting a video as part of an application will be a new experience for most job seekers but it should not be a daunting one. The purpose of the video is to show off your personality and help you stand out from the hundreds of C.Vs received by hiring managers every day so just remember to be yourself and smile!

Check out our sample videos and and some more tips & tricks below.

Sample Videos

For every job on Jobface you have the option of submitting your profile video (a general, short video about yourself) or a custom video (where you answer the specific questions set by the employer).

Below is a selection of sample videos for real jobs on the site, a mix of profile videos and custom videos. Each applicant has their own unique style which, is exactly what employers want to see.

Custom Video Option

Role: Sales Assistant

Employer: DID Electrical

Video Questions:

  • Do you have any retail experience?
  • Name a time when you worked as part of a team and what did you achieve?
  • Whats your favourite sport and why?
  • What would your friends say your best quality is?

Profile Video Option

Roles: Any Customer Facing Roles

Areas discussed:

  • Quick (friendly) introduction
  • Describes the type of jobs he is looking for
  • Gives a brief overview of his experience
  • Gives detail on his availability
  • Smiling throughout!

Custom Video Option

Role: Actress / Model

Employer: Fraser Models & Actors

Video Questions:

  • What movie or TV character would you most like to play and why?
  • What is your availability for a video shoot?
  • What will be our biggest obstacle to overcome in getting people to upload videos for this role?

Profile Video Option

Role(s): Bar work 

Video Questions:

  • Quick introduction
  • Overview of his experience
  • Mentions some of his strengths
  • Relaxed and casual which is in keeping with the type of roles he is looking for

Tips & Tricks

  • Check the employer's questions and consider whether your profile video covers most of what the are asking
  • Ensure the lighting in your room is bright enough
  • Try to film in a quiet place with little background noise and distractions
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Don't forget to smile!
  • Try to look at the actual camera lens on your computer or phone rather than looking at yourself
  • If you are using your camera to film put it in landscape mode (i.e hold it horizontally)
  • Last but definitely not least, try to have fun and be yourself

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