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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JobFace?

JobFace is a new online recruitment site which has been established with one primary goal…. to help jobseekers show employers who they really are and get hired faster!

To apply for any open role on the site, candidates are required to submit a short, informal video of themselves. This can be a general video of themselves introducing themselves, talking about the roles they want and their relevant experience or it can be them answering specific questions set by the employer. Applicants can review the video and reshoot it as many times as they like before submitting. 

We currently specialise in hospitality, sales / retails, promotions and customer service. Basically any sectors or roles where your personality matters, something that the outdated C.V can never capture. 


Do I really have to submit a video?

Yes, really, really. You can only apply for a new vacancy by shooting and submitting a video.

Don’t worry we are not looking for a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie performance, think more along the lines of Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour (i.e definitely not an Oscar winning performance!)

But seriously, employers just use the video to get a sense for who you are and to confirm that you are serious about their position. 

What are employer's looking for in my video?

This will depend on the role you are applying for. In general though employers will look to see whether your personality suits the roll on offer and whether you would be a good fit with the existing team.

The video is really your chance to prove that you have what it takes to do the job so make sure you get that across as best you can.

How long should the video be?

Your video should be somewhere between 1-2 minutes, never longer than 2 minutes. No ranting, rambling or waffling please!

Should I record a video for every role or is my profile video enough?

Again this one really depends on you. In most cases that questions that the employer asks will probably already be addressed by your profile video. If this is the case then using your profile video is perfect. Some of our employers however like to get a bit quirkier with their questions (e.g Pitt Bros - "Which do you prefer, a spoon or a fork, and why?" For these roles if you really want to maximise you chances of success it is probably worth recording and custom video and really thinking about a good answer. 

Who will see my video?

Your video will be verified by a member of the JobFace team and will then be available for employers to view. We will never share your video with anyone else without your prior consent. 

I have a great C.V, can I submit that as well or instead?

In your profile you can complete your relevant experience, qualifications and education. We don’t allow candidates to upload and attach C.V’s and Cover Letters. Sometimes it's hard to let go but we are here to help 🙂

How much does JobFace cost?

Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing.

I'm having issues submitting my video, who can help?

You can record the video directly from your laptop or smartphone or pre-record and upload. Each method should work for you but if one fails it is worth trying another.

The most common issues to date have been related to a poor wireless / data connection (symptom - video screen is blank) or not providing the site access to your webcam (you must click "allow" when prompted for access for adobe flash player settings). 

If you are experiencing problems uploading your video or any other problems with the site please email and one of our dedicated team members will contact you.

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