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Press Play On Your Hiring

*Videos for every applicant*

*Applicant tracking*

*Multi channel marketing*

*Pricing that suits your needs*

1. Register & Post Job

Registration is free and takes two minutes. All you need is your basic company and contact information, your job title, role responsibilities and requirements.


2. Set Video Questions

Here's where you really find out about the applicant. Ask anything from the usual "tell us about yourself" to the more creative "do you prefer a spoon or a fork and why?" (thanks to Pitt Bros for that one!)  

3. Complete Company Profile

Now it's time to add in your logo, banner image and an 'about us' spiel.

4. Review Candidates

All applications come straight into your dashboard ("posted jobs" tab) for your review. From there you can watch the candidates video alongside their profile and C.V.

5. Rate & Share

Rate, comment and even share applications with selected staff and compile a shortlist of the most promising candidates and can contact them directly. 

6. Hire Great Staff

Not only does our platform provide great time savings across the hiring cycle but early signs suggest that it actually decreases the amount of staff turnover as the emphasis on team fit pays great dividends.

Benefits Of Jobface

Quality Candidates

Every applicant is required to submit a video for your job listing so you are immediately screening out applications from people who are simply applying to jobs en mass but actually have little interest or suitability for your role.

Huge Time Savings

In addition to screening out less serious candidates, the video also provides you with an insight into each applicant that a C.V or online profile never could. This allows you to make much more informed decisions when selecting candidates for interviews. 

Empower Team Members

Share short listed candidates' profiles with select team members to get their opinion and feedback. This makes team fit much more likely as well as empowering existing staff by including them in the recruitment process. 

Improve Staff Retention

Being under pressure to fill roles fast often leads to bad hiring decisions and an employee who may not be best suited to the role or even fully committed to it. JobFace gives hiring managers the time to carefully chose from committed, serious applicants.  

Candidate Tracking

Our easy to use applicant dashboard allows you to rate, comment and shortlist (or reject) candidates. Quickly export all the candidates you are interested in and email them to arrange an interview. 

Flexible Price Plans

We offer a variety of payment options including per listing options and monthly / annual plans. Call or email us today to find a plan that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do applicants really have to supply a video for every role?

Yes, a video is required for all applications. Candidates have the option to use their default profile video or to record a custom one answering your specific questions. It is up to you whether you place more value on the custom video. 

Does the video requirement impact response rates?

Over 90% of our user base is aged between 18 & 28 and so far seem more open to the video idea than we had even hoped.

Through controlled testing to date we have found that roles requiring videos get 50 - 60% the responses of ordinary listings. This number is surprisingly high when you consider how many of the applications for the ordinary listings are not serious or suitable ones in the first place. We are prioritising quality over quantity.   

Where is my role advertised?

Your role will automatically be pushed out to our existing audience via email and our social media channels as well as appearing on leading job aggregators such as Indeed, Job Rapido, Monster, Careerjet and JobG8. We also make it easy for you to share your link directly on your on social media channels or with people who expressed interest in working with you previously

OK I like the sound of this, what can I do next?

Great to have you on board! You can either get started by registering as an employer and posting your first listing or you can give us a call and we can get you up and running. Drop us a mail at or call us at 01 561 1117.  

Do I need any additional software?

No you do not. We wanted to make things as easy as possible for both employer and job seeker so getting started should be simply a matter of pressing play. Our video player does require up to date versions of flash but that should be available on all of your devices already. If you have any problems with viewing your videos simply get in touch and our dedicated support team will help you. 

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