About Us

Helping Recruiters and Hiring Managers Spend More Time Interviewing the Right Candidates

Our Mission is to Help Companies Identify Talent Quickly

Our innovative video platform allows you to assess the energy, personality and soft skills of an applicant. You no longer have to sift through hundreds of similar resumes and waste time interviewing candidates who are clearly a wrong fit for the job.

Jobface has successfully helped our clients fill over 250 candidates in the Dublin market alone and is the fastest growing job site on social media in the world.

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From Niche Job Board to Global Recruitment Tool

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Jobface began life as video based jobs board which specialised in the Hospitality, Retail & Customer Service Sectors. We focused on filling roles where the employee's personality was important, if not more important, than their qualifications and experience.

Due to great demand from many other employers who made it clear to us that our video solution would be greatly help them also we have now expanded our focus can help fill any roles across any sector. 

About The Founders

Jobface was started by Rory McEntee and Fearghal Mulvihill, both of whom are much more suited to being behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Rory came up with the concept of video job applications when running his own casual dining restaurant (the popular Buffalo19 in D6) and encountering first hand, the limitations of existing recruitment methods. Since then he has been on a mission to destroy traditional methods and called in the assistance of Fearghal, a man who he knew was very adept at breaking things...

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